sex stories videos | Naughty Little Kitten Tales: The Secret Life of a Collared Girl! (Kittenplay)

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Who does not need to be a horny little kitten? “Intercourse kitten,” “pussy,” “pussy cat,” “catcall”… there is a motive people discover these stunning creatures so alluring! They’re intense and passionate, sensual and mysterious… all the things males want and ladies aspire to be.

I’ve determined to indulge my fantasies and formally change into a kitten myself! Kitten ears, collars, my very own water bowl- I need to discover the world on my palms and knees like a real neko lady. [“Neko girls” (or “catgirls”) are the super cute half-human/half-cat creatures popular in romance anime and manga.]

Placing on my cat ears for the primary time felt like dressing up on Halloween, it was slightly awkward… however as I began transferring my physique round extra gracefully like a cat, I actually began having fun with this roleplay situation. I can see why ‘petplay’ is a well-liked fetish with the bdsm neighborhood. If I placed on my cat ears with a good black corset, I really feel the silky curves of a horny feline coming out- I need to pounce on a sizzling piece of man-meat! (haha!) Placing myself into that mindset is surprisingly empowering. And if I put on mushy white kitten ears with cute lace lingerie, I really feel like a cute kitten able to cuddle up in mattress. Sporting kitten ears with my regular avenue garments provides me a enjoyable and playful vibe, filled with power for any journey the day brings.

The bdsm neighborhood pushes kittenplay past a vogue fetish, it turns into a dom/sub relationship the place the kitten roleplays along with her grasp/proprietor. A beneficiant grasp will typically present his kitten with a particular collar for her to put on. Uncollared kittens are also known as “strays.” Like most subcultures, kittenplay grows into a life-style and will get practiced out and in of the bed room… even when it seems as innocently as sporting a lock on a series necklace in public. Ariana Grande likes to put on cat ears In public- possibly she’s secretly a kitten, too?

Making collars is likely one of the most satisfying elements of my kittenplay life to this point, I really like creating new appears to be like. A coronary heart identify tag with delicate lace round my neck, or sharp spikes on black satin- the colours and potentialities are countless! I wish to let my lingerie encourage my collars, however holidays are additionally numerous enjoyable.

Instagram has a shortly rising kitty neighborhood, everybody sharing pics of their collars and feline adventures. It is a robust platform for experimentation and girl-power.

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