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This situation has occurred to you earlier than the place after you and your companion have sex, or typically throughout, this horrendous odor comes out of your physique. It is vitally fishy and is an excessive flip off to him. You are feeling soiled and he worries that possibly you gave him one thing or that one thing is mistaken along with your physique. That is an an infection often called bacterial vaginosis and you want to eliminate it quick so your life can return to regular.

Bacterial vaginosis causes the vagina to supply a really fishy and highly effective scent. It’s even worse after sex as a result of the vagina is heat and lubricated, solely making the odor worse. You and your companion are each sick to your stomachs from the odor and you’re fully mortified. It’s good to eliminate vaginal odor after sex and stop it from ever occurring once more so you’ll be able to really feel extra assured and safe.

An effective way to eliminate vaginal odor is to soak a tampon in plain yogurt and insert it into the physique. This helps to revive the pure pH steadiness of the vagina and eliminate the odor. To forestall this from ever occurring once more, then you want to make some adjustments to your hygiene routine. This contains wiping from entrance to again, utilizing a condom throughout sex and carrying cotton underwear extra usually. These are all precautionary steps that you want to take in an effort to eliminate vaginal odor after sex.

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