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One of many greatest query requested of the discus breeder is “how do I decide the sex of my fish?” There are only a few simple identifiable identifiers on this course of. Right here, we’ll talk about the strategies utilized by a number of the high breeders.

In juvenile fish, figuring out sex is sort of unimaginable. It is just after they start to pair off that a possibility arises to assist in the dedication of sex. Juvenile fish, each female and male, have a rounded dorsal fin, and it’s not till they start to mature {that a} distinction will be detected. As it’s by no means sensible to excessively deal with the fish, shut commentary is in an effort to help the breeder.

In Allnut Enterprises’ King Discus Hatchery, for instance, it’s a simple course of to find out who’s who, as we’ve noticed these fish for some time, and might decide the sex of the pairs we personal. This might be true in any hatchery. However to the uninitiated or informal observer, this may not be simple to do.

Among the identifiers: The male can have thicker lips to assist him in his combat to guard the feminine, and might be extra aggressive. He might be bigger than the feminine, his brow is thicker, and we’ve noticed that if the discus are a bit shy, the male will generally tend to remain between the feminine and the observer.

The dorsal fin of the male might be pointed, and the feminine’s dorsal fin might be rounded. Word that in juvenile discus, this isn’t obvious.

The breeding tube of the feminine, between the anus and anal fin, is broader and rounder than the male, and can have a blunt tip. The male, in flip, has a smaller, sharper breeding tube. Bear in mind that that is solely evident throughout spawning, and ought to be intently noticed.

It has been stated that the male discus fish will are likely to have a much less intense coloration and extra sample whereas the feminine tends to be extra colourful however with lesser sample. I disagree, as a result of too many variables are in place right here, such because the well being of the discus, the water parameters, and feeding sample.

In an attention-grabbing article by Jeff Richard, [] he discusses an article from Diskus Temporary, a German publication, which studies a really profitable approach of decide sex of a discus through the use of easy geometry. Jeff studies, and I quote: “Image a discus dealing with to your left … you’ll be taking a look at its facet. Discover the Dorsal (Prime) and Anal (backside) fins and look the place the fins slope down towards the Caudal (tail) fin … ensure you’re trying on the fins after they’ve curved again towards the tail. The Dorsal and Anal Fins turn out to be (nearly) straight after the fins curve down (or up) towards the Caudal Fin … prolong an imaginary line alongside this straight part of the two fins again towards the tail which simply touches the Dorsal & Anal Fins previous the Caudal Fin. These two imaginary strains ought to intersect behind the fish. The important thing to sexing the fish is the place the strains cross the Caudal fin. In the event that they go by means of the Caudal Fin, the fish is almost certainly a FEMALE. In the event that they miss or simply contact the Caudal Fin, then almost certainly it’s a MALE.” Thanks, Jeff!

Sexing Discus is tough at finest. The simplest approach to take action is to boost a gaggle of a minimum of six to eight discus, and permit them to pair off when prepared. It’s a lovely sight to see this occur, and makes the interest nicely worthwhile.

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