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The purpose of this text is to extend your possibilities of success at breeding ball pythons. I will lay out some fast and simple suggestions that’ll enable you in your highway to success in breeding these superior animals.

Appropriate Intercourse – Insure your animals are correctly sexed, and also you do actually have a female and male. There are two methods to find out the sex of a ball python one is by “popping” and the opposite is by “probing.” In my view popping is the better technique between the 2, it does not require any instruments and there is no hazard or hurt to the animal. To probe a ball python requires you to insert a steel probe backwards in the direction of the tail into the left or proper aspect of the cloaca. As soon as the probe is inserted you are taking a scale depend to find out the sex of the animal. Males often probe fairly deep round eight or extra subcaudal scales and females will probe round 2-Four subcaudal scales. I will cowl extra detailed directions on learn how to decide the sex of your snake in one other article, if for no matter motive you are not assured in figuring out the sex of your animals discover a certified reptile veterinarian in your space for help.

Sexual Maturity – Men and women turn into sexually mature at totally different ages and weighs. Sexual maturity in ball pythons appears to be extra decided by weight relatively than age of the animal though age most positively performs a job in sexual maturity. Females usually mature round two-three years of age and 1200-1500grams of weight, some might mature slightly faster or slightly later however the gross majority will mature on this age and weight vary. Males mature a lot faster than females and often mature between 6 months – 1 12 months of age though I’ve have a number of younger males breed as early as twelve weeks outdated! Breeding weight for males ranges within the space of 400grams for the little guys as much as 800 or extra grams for the bigger first time breeders.

Seasonal Change and Temperature Drop – Within the wild ball pythons are seasonal animals and usually breed between October and December within the wet season, with egg laying season being round March and April. Child ball pythons start to hatch and take their first meals after the wet season when prey gadgets are plentiful. Now in captivity, they are often breed 12 months round, however having some seasonal change and temperature drop does enhance your possibilities at having most manufacturing. I like to begin regularly dropping my temps in November a level or two each week till I attain my peek temperature drop of 5-7 levels decrease at evening from my daytime excessive temperatures which within the off season are 85-87 levels. Within the breeding season I work my manner right down to 80levels for an evening time low on the most popular aspect of the bathtub for 3 or 4 months after which work my manner again as much as my off season temperatures of 85-87levels.

Pairing them up for Breeding – When you’re decided you do actually have a female and male and they’re within the age and weight of sexual maturity it is time to begin pairing these animals up for breeding. I introduce my males into my feminine’s tubs and never the opposite manner round as a result of feminine ball pythons put out a number of pheromones through the breeding season and these pheromones are nice at signaling male ball pythons that it is time for breeding. As soon as I introduce the male to the feminine I go away the pair uninterrupted for 24 hours after which I test to see if they’re actively breeding, if they’re I give them one other 24 hours, if they are not I transfer the male to the following feminine’s tub and begin the method over. As soon as the male has efficiently copulated with a feminine I supply him a small meal which is often a small rat and 48 hours relaxation. As soon as he is effectively rested I repeat the method. I proceed this means of pairing up my males with females till the females have both ovulated or it is clear that they don’t seem to be going to supply for the season.

Ovulation – Having the ability to accurately determine a feminine ball python ovulating is extraordinarily helpful when breeding for max manufacturing. Listed here are a few fast suggestions that will help you determine an energetic ovulation and a feminine that has already ovulated.

Figuring out an Energetic Ovulation – A feminine ball python that’s actively ovulating could have a really noticeable swell to the decrease 3rdportion of her physique; she might even seem to have simply eaten a big meal. You may additionally discover her tail is sucked in to her physique in a clumsy “L” form. That basic place is called the “Suck” to veteran ball python breeders and it is an incredible indicator that the feminine is within the means of ovulating.

Ovulation has occurred – Should you occur to overlook the energetic ovulation, all is not misplaced, and you’ll nonetheless inform in case your feminine ball python has ovulated by makes use of these fast suggestions. First off, merely watch her over the course of a pair days and see the place she spends nearly all of her time. Is it on the cool finish of the bathtub or scorching finish? If it is on the recent finish of the bathtub then likelihood is your feminine has already ovulated and now not must be bred. If she’s nonetheless looking for the colder finish of the bathtub and wrapping the bowl then likelihood is fairly good that your feminine hasn’t ovulated and he or she nonetheless must be bred.

Egg Laying and Incubation – After ovulation your feminine ball python now not must be paired up with a male and you can begin organising the incubator and making preparations for the ball python hatchlings. Proper round three weeks after ovulation she’ll go right into a shed cycle recognized to veteran breeders because the “POS” which stands for “submit ovulation shed.” Following the “POS” you are round 30-40 days till your feminine lays a clutch of eggs.

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