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Anal sex is probably one of many huge “final taboos” in the case of sexual relationships between women and men.

Most ladies in all probability strive it at a while of their lives, nevertheless it’s hardly ever ever spoken about even between us women (and we inform one another every little thing). So what is the reality about anal sex?

Nicely, let’s begin by saying if you happen to prefer it… you completely like it.

And if you happen to do not… you actually do not.

There appears to be little or no in the way in which of middle-ground right here.

That is ladies we’re speaking about there.

And males?

It is unusual: they go on about it quite a bit, however if you happen to get them to open up, most will inform you it is really inferior to vaginal sex. Sure, it tends to be tighter, nevertheless it’s drier and you need to be extra mild.

And naturally some simply see it as being plain “icky”.

It appears the 2 primary sights for males, then, are psychological: first, they prefer it when their ladies prefer it; and secondly, it is the sheer naughtiness of it.

The practicalities of anal sex

Is it protected and why do some ladies discover it so unbelievable?

To reply the second query first, the anus is replete with nerve-endings, simply because the vagina is. Deep penetration of the anus additionally essentially stimulates the g-spot and different erogenous zones deep inside the vagina. This may trigger some completely, completely superb orgasms.

Then there’s additionally that naughtiness factor once more. Generally we women simply like to be “soiled”. And it would not come dirtier than asking your lover to do it in that manner. It is an electrifying and immediate turn-on for you each.

Now, the second query: is it protected?

Nicely, sure. With the caveat you could take precautions as a result of it is NOT as protected as vaginal sex.

First, as a result of it inevitably causes some harm to the within partitions of the anus, it makes illness transmission into your bloodstream a lot simpler.

Thus with uncommon exception you may need to use a condom, if you happen to’re wise. You may also need to use a particular anal-sex condom, too, as a result of they’re a bit of thicker and extra resilient.

Secondly, you could pay particular consideration to being clear. Everyone knows what the anus is actually for and what comes out of it. What comes out of that a part of your physique is not clear. The truth is, it’s extremely soiled in organic phrases. That is why we have developed to search out it so disgusting — as a result of it might probably kill us. We people are principally a tube with rotting meals within the center.

You need to be clear each earlier than anal sex and after. Your man, particularly, wants to scrub totally earlier than you will have oral or vaginal sex after you have had anal penetration.

Sure, it is inconvenient. No, it is probably not an possibility if you wish to preserve protected.

And lastly take it slowly. The important thing to protected and profitable anal sex is to lube, lube and extra lube… and every little thing taken at snail’s tempo. Get him to make use of his (closely lubed!) finger to softly open you up earlier than even fascinated with utilizing his penis.

When he does lastly come to penetrate you, ensure he would not ram it dwelling like he would possibly do in your vagina. That is gonna damage and presumably injure you.

When you’re warmed up and having fun with it you will get much more passionate, however begin off slowly, and if it hurts you then inform him to STOP (and inform him earlier than you even start STOP means STOP RIGHT NOW!).

Observe these easy pointers and there isn’t any motive for you to not get pleasure from protected and pleasurable anal sex.

It is all about being knowledgeable and realizing the “guidelines”

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