hetnew Three Kama Sutra Positions – The Wheelbarrow, The Hammock, and The Mold

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hetnew Three Kama Sutra Positions – The Wheelbarrow, The Hammock, and The Mould

The Kama Sutra positions excite creativeness and improve pleasure. Not like Chinese language bed room books, which emphasize strategies, the Kama Sutra is dedicated to classifying sexual relations with astonishing consideration to element and postures, however leaving ample room for spontaneity, which belongs within the religious realm.

The Wheelbarrow

The companions get able to make love on the fringe of the mattress. The girl props her forearms on the mattress whereas the person “lifts” her by the legs and locations himself standing up behind her to penetrate her whereas holding her tights.

Stimulation and pleasure are concentrated within the companions’ genitals, however it’s the man who units the rhythm of the act, drawing the physique towards his.

Her legs could shut up or open up vast, as most popular by the companions, who could have interaction in altering the angle. The number of motions (round, ascending and descending) allowed by this posture is astonishing and really thrilling. The sensations are intense.

The Hammock

To carry out the sexual act on this place, it’s advisable for the person to take a seat on arduous floor (not a mattress) together with his legs flexed and grabbing the again facet of his knees. The girl, together with her legs open, permits herself to be penetrated by accommodating herself within the house remaining between his legs and his trunk, with the person’s arms surrounding her legs.

The person presses his knees towards the physique of his mate, drawing her to himself and inflicting their our bodies to have interaction in a rhythmic movement whereas kissing her breasts, that are near his face. The pleasure of breast stimulation is pleasant for the girl and arousing for the person. The girl, together with her neck bent backward in a gesture of submission, enjoys the unbelievable pleasure supplied by her mate.

The Mould

Together with her legs collectively and tucked in, the girl lies on her facet and relaxes her head backward whereas the person penetrates her, whether or not via the vagina or the anus. This is a superb place for the anal sex. The girl who dares to reside this anal sex expertise will be capable to full and combine her physique as an ideal universe to like and revel in with out stopping to verify on the standard or amount of eroticism.

The strikes should be gentle and coordinated and penetration deep and sluggish. Each our bodies match one another completely, as would two items of a jigsaw puzzle. The truth that the girl’s legs are held collectively mixed with squeezing can exert a great stress on the penis and on the identical time trigger a pleasing friction on the clitoris.

This final side makes it a great place for ladies who’ve issues reaching orgasm. They solely need to loosen up and revel in it absolutely.

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